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Timing relays Timing relaysAAC UNI Assymetric cycler

AAC UNI Assymetric cycler

EAN: 8590206151016
Order number: 358264002
Control voltage: UniAC/DC12-240
Control frequency: 50-60
Main circuit
No. of main contacts switch over 1
Conventional free thermal current [A] 16
Rated operational current Ie in AC-1 / 220..230V [A] 16
Rated operational current Ie in DC-1 220V [A] 0,5
Mechanical durability [op. cycles] 3 x 107
Max. cross section of copper wire [mm2] rigid / flexible max. 2,5
Control circuits
Control voltage [V] UniAC/DC12-240
Control frequenci [Hz] 50-60
Hold-in input power [VA;W] 3 / 1,7
Other data
Width [mm] 17,6
High [mm] 90
Depth [mm] 65
Mass [kg] 0,068
Degree of protection IP20