I. General Utilization Instructions

The products introduced in this catalogue are designed to operate safely. The manufacturer of these products possesses all the necessary authorized certificates and has been issued Declarations of conformity. Nevertheless, the manufacturer would like to bring to the user’s attention the possible risks of danger resulting from improper use of these products.

  1. Commissioning and maintenance must always be done by a qualified person only. Do not use the products in any manner different from the specifications outlined by the manufacturer. Do not modify the products. Avoid operating the products in any improper positions, unless specifically approved by the manufacturer. Respect the products’ operating voltage, current, and frequency.
  2. Keep children and unqualified personnel away from the product at all times.
  3. Before any re-commissioning work is to be done, a qualified technician must prove that the product and its safety features, including the degree of protection, are fully functional.
  4. No manipulation under voltage is allowed, except for measuring with insulated pins made by a qualified person.
  5. The risk of fire or explosion must be eliminated because of the possible hazards posed by inflammable gases, vapours, and/or dust.
  6. The products must not operate under any unsafe conditions – e. g. mounting on/with any inflammable base/cover, insufficient sheltering from water, other liquids, or extraneous parts and particles, etc.
  7. It is necessary to respect the specified clearances between the arc extinguishing chambers of the contactor and the human body. Avoid looking at the arc while breaking the contactor.

II. Guarantee Conditions

The manufacturer guarantees the products for a time period of 24 months, starting from the day of purchase. Claims are to be made at the place of purchase.

In order to file a claim, the complaining purchaser must present the product’s receipt along with evidence that the product has been utilized according to the relevant standards and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Furthermore, the sealing label of the product (applies for contactors series V..F and C50..150) must not be removed. The manufacturer makes all repairs. Should the product not be in use, the customer may receive a new product, unless the original one had been damaged in any way. Claims shall be cleared within 30 days, unless other agreements are made.

III. Packing and stocking

The unit package protects the product against possible damages that could occur during transport and stocking. Contactors are packaged singly, but accessories can be supplied in multiple packages. All products must be stored in dry rooms sheltered from bad weather conditions. Relative humidity must never exceed 80% at 20° C. Minimum storage temperature – 50 °C. When no more usable, the product must be disassembled and put in the separated waste. Contactors and accessories are delivered in the paper boxes individually, or in a multiple packing. Unit packing of heavy contactors contains polyurethane foam. All packing materials comply with the directives 2002/95/ES, 2005/59/ES and may be recycled or handled as a common waste.

IV. Standards

Contactors of the “C”, “V..F”, “R”, “A”, “VH”, and “VD” series have all been developed, tested and approved according to EN 60947-4-1, EN 60947-1, EN 60947-5-1, IEC 60947-4-1, IEC 60947-1 and IEC60947-5-1 for intermittent duty – Art.–No., or for eight-hour duty – Art.-No. If used in uninterrupted duty, the rated operation current and conventional thermal current must be agreed with the manufacturer in respect to the conductor cross-sections.

V. Certification

Contactors have received approval from the following authorized entities (national test institutes):

The manufacturer’s quality system has been certified according to ISO 9001/2001.