DC controlled contactors series C, V..F and VH.. employ special DUO-coils, which is switched during the sealing of the contactor using an integral time-delayed NC contact, see the appropriate wiring diagram. This wiring does not require the series resistors. The wires supplied with the contactor must not be removed!

Contactors C9.0040, C23.0040, C 9.0022 and C23.0022 employ the auxiliary contact unit PK21T, but no balast resistor. Wiring of the control circuit remains the same as for the rest of contactors series C with DC D control.

Minicontactors series MC and MR

The control voltage is to be applied directly to the coil terminals.

Contactors series VH and VD

Wiring diagram of older DC controlled contactors series VH and VD, using an on/off switch and resistor:

Stykače řady VD

Series resistor R is supplied with the contactor.

Contactors for switching actuators with microprocessor control RVM1 (RVM1S)

Contactors C50.11 and C32.11, used for elevators, are supplied with coils of less power consumption, labelled 48/10 Vss. This feature allows using these contactors directly without a series resistor and time-delayed contact.

The module insures a reliable pull-in at the voltage 48 Vss and the voltage 10 Vss, supplied after a delay of approx. 90 ms, is sufficient for a safe hold-in of the contactor.